Proverbs 32:1


Who can find a man of integrity?  The just [man] walketh in his integrity: his children [are] blessed after him. (Proverbs 20:7)

Reading:  Genesis  18:18-33


Abraham was asking that question of God millenniums ago.  Were there a few righteous men (or women) who had not bowed to the evil of Sodom?  Could he find others like himself?  Was there a man of integrity in Sodom, a faithful believer, who would not compromise his walk with the one and only God?  Perhaps Lot, Abraham’s nephew, was that man of integrity. But when confronted to do right, Lot walked wrongly.

The result was the destruction of all who remained in Sodom.  Had there been men of integrity, at least ten according to Scripture, thousands would have been saved.  Like Abraham, their children would have been blessed after them.  Sorrowfully, only Lot and his two daughters escaped.  Even Lot’s wife perished.  Neither child was blessed after him (Lot).  His example resulted in their sexual sins leading to tribes of unfaithful descendants.  

No, apparently, there was not one man or woman of integrity in Sodom. In fact, God knew each person’s heart including Lot’s.  Additionally, they were known by their unfaithful walk. Their offspring had watched. The children copied their ways and were cursed long after their fathers had died.

On the other hand, Abraham’s children had seen his walk of integrity and faithfulness.  A miracle son named Isaac was born.  God had found a man of integrity whose offspring would bless many nations after him.


Spacemen of Integrity


I returned to my NASA workplace Monday, after attending a Saturday breakfast of Christian business men.  There, I had wholly committed my life to Christ.  Walking forward at the request of the speaker, I received Christ as my Lord and Savior. (John 1:12)  Like Abraham, I asked, “Can I find a man of integrity?  One who walks with Christ as Lord and Savior?”  I’d never cared to ask that question before.  My motives had not been to walk in the ways of the Lord according to the instructions of Scripture. 

“Yes,” I thought, “there was such a man…in my building at the Houston Space Center.”  I’d seen his walk…praying for others, encouraging all to consider the Bible as a sure guide for their lives.  Jack was the man of integrity I sought.  We met that week for prayer and continued to meet for many years. Together, we walked in our integrity as examples of Christ at the Space Center. The result was that hundreds of Johnson Space Center believers joined in our weekly prayer meeting each Thursday at noon. Without finding that “man of integrity,” it never would have happened.


Prayer:  “Lord God, maker of men of integrity, let me find men of integrity that I may walk with, grow with, and extend the Kingdom of Your Son with in my work place.”


A Man of Integrity


"How are you doing champ?" ...was how he greeted me. I was to be his caddy that day at Wicker Park, an Indiana public golf course 35 miles southeast of his home in Chicago. Because Wicker Park's pro welcomed him and his black golfer friends, I had steady work each weekend as a 12 year old caddy. The Windy City's links were not so accommodating in 1954 to black golfers even though these men were among America's finest business men, lawyers, doctors, and retired athletes.

The drive he walloped off the first tee landed far beyond the 150 yard drop-off of Wicker Park's 550 yard first hole, perhaps 270 yards down the fairway. For some reason, caddies were scarce that day. I was carrying a massive pair of leather bags, though I only weighed 120 pounds.  During my struggle to the green, he seemed more concerned about me than his golf game. Gratefully, a caddy came from the clubhouse to shoulder one of those bags. Unbeknownst to me, he'd sent a message to get me help immediately.

He was so genuine, asking me about my dreams for the future... I never felt like his employee that day, though I was. He treated me as though I was a member of the foursome. Four hours later, I took his clubs to the car, regretting that my time with him had ended. Smiling, he waved as we parted. "What a special and wonderful man," I thought, "but I had never asked him his name. Somebody ought to know it?" Indeed, the first caddy I asked did. "Jerry, you just caddied for the world's greatest Olympian - Jesse Owens!"