Portrait of the Man of Integrity

PROVERBS 32 : Portrait of the Man of Integrity

Recently the authors of THE PROVERBS 32 MAN met Governor Mike Huckabee and were able to present the Governor a copy of their book.

Proverbs 32 Men: Jared Woodfill, Governor Huckabee, Pastor Matt Woodfill, and Jerry Woodfill

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Printable Picture of Proverbs 32

Proverbs 32 - Verse One Content from the Book: The Proverbs 32 Man

Wonderful Houston Chronicle Father's Day article on Proverbs 32 Man by reporter Barbara Karkabi

For a video clip of Proverbs 32 Man Teaching by Authors click here.

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Interesting letter from Frances and Charles Hunter, The Happy Hunters, about The Proverbs 32 Man

"...your book is so good...I know it is helpful to men and also to women. You are a great family." Dodie Osteen

Each Mother's Day, pastors throughout Christendom search the Bible for scriptures about the virtues of motherhood. The most popular verses are, of course, the 31st chapter of Proverbs beginning at verse 10. The Scofield Bible titles this passage: the virtuous woman. Wives and mothers in the service are resigned to her appearance, this saint of God who is a composite of Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, and Florence Nightingale. While pastors present her as the example of motherhood, all the women patiently endure the verse by verse comparison running through the minds of their husbands and children.In the interest of fairness, we’ve come up with a way of compensating moms on Father's Day - PROVERBS 32 - portrait of the man of integrity. No, you won't find a Proverbs 32 in your Bible, but if the Holy Spirit had inspired Solomon or David or Moses to pen it, perhaps, it would read something like this. In fact, its verses are taken from the 31 chapters of Proverbs. We’ve simply put the ones about dads together in one place, adapted the transitions a bit, and kept the King James "makeths" and "walkeths" to remind everyone it's from Scripture. The message to the dads in the congregation is: Even Though PROVERBS 32 may not be in the Bible, the qualities of that man of integrity are every bit as important as the woman of virtue.


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To contact the authors of the PROVERBS 32 Man, call 281-681-8922 [the Woodlands Christian Center] or click on either e-mail address below:

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